A Place to Call Home

Adults In Mission (AIM)

The goal of AIM is to reach all people with the Gospel, and to help those in our church, community, and world (Mark 16:15). We are a group of like-minded believers who have a heart for missions and people. When we hear about needs, we act on those needs (James 1:22). We give our time, money, and selves in order to be a blessing to those that we minister to. We truly love to serve God and others through mission work. Our leadership team meets quarterly to discuss vision and plan for opportunities to share, give and go. We lead our church family one Wednesday a month to pray for our missions’ partners, share updates, and communicate opportunities to minister with our missions partners.

For Our Church

  • We love on and pray for our pastor and ministry team
  • We host missions events
  • We meet monthly for prayer, fellowship, and missions development
  • We host Parents Day Out events

For Our Community

  • We host and support local missionaries at each of our monthly meetings
  • We support the Crisis Pregnancy Center, Union Mission, Jail Ministry, Child
  • Evangelism Fellowship, the HER Shelter, and other ministries
  • We lead and participate in projects to assist local missions and ministries

For Our World

  • We support our Central Asia Partners
  • We support Richard and Kathy Konieczny, missionaries to
  • We support the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention
  • We support the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention