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Welcome to Bible Study at Alexander Baptist Church

Followers of Jesus Christ have lots of questions about what is in the Bible. They want to know how the scripture relates to their lives. Alexander Baptist Church has as its foundation the Word of God, Jesus, and the inerrant written Word of God, the Bible. Our responsibility from Jesus’ Great Commission is “…teaching them [followers of Christ] to observe all that I have commanded you…” (Matthew 28:19a NASB). To accomplish this goal we have two sessions of Bible Study with classes for all ages. The First Session meets at 8:45 A.M. We have a great time of worship at 10:00 A.M. The Second Session Bible Study begins at 11:30 A.M. There are classes for both sessions of Bible study from Nursery age children to Senior Adults. Our Nursery, infants and toddlers, uses Kids Check Security for all parents, students, and faculty. We have classes for Senior Adults, Median Adults, Young Adults, “Family Life” class for young married couples, College and Career, Middle High and Senior High Boys and Girls classes, and 1st – 5th Grade classes.

Jesus taught in John 8:31, 32, “…if you abide [live by] My word, then you are truly disciples [followers] of Mine; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” This is why we are diligent to teach the Word in the classroom and have the Word accurately preached during our worship of the Lord. We invite you to join us for a glorious experience in our Bible Study Sessions so that you can know the truth of God’s Word, the Bible.

First Bible Study Session begins at 8: 45 A.M.
Second Bible Study Session begins at 11:30 A.M.
Alexander Baptist Church Bible Study

Where You Will Find

  • Encouragement
  • Fellowship
  • Renewing of your faith in God
  • Restoring of your confidence in His power
  • Strengthening of your hope in eternal life