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Corporate Gathering in the Midst of COVID-19


All updates regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will be posted on this page as we receive more information.


Due to the vast array of information on this page, we have divided the page up into 4 different sections. The 4 different sections are as follows:

  1. Most Recent Note from Your Pastors
  2. Most Recent Sunday Services
  3. Most Recent Wednesday Night Refuel
  4. Current Events.

Hopefully these divisions made this page a little easier to digest.


1. Most Recent Note from Your Pastors…


Happy New Year! The opportunity to begin an email this way only rolls around once a year. Again, Happy New Year!

By the grace and providence of God, Alexander Baptist Church has been strategically placed on planet earth during a most difficult era. In the midst of the current crises of morality, health, race, and gender just to name a few, we are poised to provide biblical solutions for life as the church of the one, true, living God! I am very thankful to be living in this epoch. I am hopeful for the conversion of souls and the purity of the local church.

Well, it’s time for some updates for our 2021 worship services. These are our projected, hopeful dates. We are asking that everyone wear a mask upon entering the building, when moving throughout the building, and upon exiting the building. Masks may be removed once you’ve settled into your spot inside the building if you so choose. As usual, here is your list . . .

  1. We will begin IN-PERSON morning worship this Sunday, January 10 (10:00AM)
  2. We will begin IN-PERSON Wednesday evening services (Church Family Meeting) on Wednesday, January 27 (6:30PM)
  3. We will begin IN-PERSON Sunday evening services on Sunday, February 7 (6:30PM)

We want to encourage the gathering together of God’s people both inside our building and on our campus beginning this Sunday. I am thankful for Pastor David and our A/V team for providing us with yet another way for this to become a reality. Beginning this Sunday, you can join us here at ABC in the parking lot and tune in to 102.3 FM for our worship service. This is a wonderful way to maintain the healthy habit of Sunday church attendance. We will still be maintaining our online services through our Website, YouTube, and Facebook LiveStream.

We also want to encourage the giving of God’s people. Please use the ABC Website or the PushPay app, or give in person, drop your offering by the church office, or mail them in to the church office.

I am so excited to begin my Hebrews sermon series here at ABC this Sunday morning. It will be my 28th book of the Bible to preach through. Notes will be available online, as well as in the building and outside the building this Sunday morning.

To God be the Glory! I love you all.

In Jesus’ Name,

Pastor Bryan


2. Most Recent Sunday Services…



3. Most Recent Wednesday Night Refuel…



4. Current Events…


For a quick look at all our events, click here to view our weekly bulletin.

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