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Corporate Gathering in the Midst of COVID-19


All updates regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will be posted on this page as we receive more information.


Due to the vast array of information on this page, we have divided the page up into 4 different sections. The 4 different sections are as follows:

  1. Most Recent Note from Your Pastors
  2. Most Recent Sunday Services
  3. Most Recent Wednesday Night Refuel
  4. Current Events.

Hopefully these divisions made this page a little easier to digest.


1. Most Recent Note from Your Pastors…

When there is a relevant and recent note from your Pastors, we will insert it here.


2. Most Recent Sunday Services…



3. Most Recent Wednesday Night Refuel…



4. Current Events…


For a quick look at all our events, click here to view our weekly bulletin.

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