A Place to Call Home

I’m New to ABC

We are glad to have you. If you haven’t heard by now (or didn’t see the giant banner at the top of this page), Alexander Baptist Church is the place many people simply call “home.” We hope that you have felt or will feel welcomed upon your arrival at our location.

If you have never been to church before and therefore have no idea what is going on, or have been involved in it your whole life and are looking for a new church home, we want to offer you the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that we cling to as a local congregation of believers. Simply click the link below to see what we believe.

The Good News


Current Series

At Alexander, we usually preach through books of the Bible. Currently, however, we are taking an expository journey through a few key Psalms before getting into our next full book! For now, come to be edified by the Psalms and stay tuned for our next full-fledged book series!