A Place to Call Home

Our Family

The members of Alexander Baptist Church are both normal and abnormal. They normally show up at church ready to praise God and serve others. They normally bring God’s Word and are ready to dig into our Pastor’s sermons. They come from various backgrounds, as well as various parts of the country. They are white-collar, blue-collar, and no-collar workers. There is a heavenly amount of diversity amongst God’s people here at Alexander. There are lots of people representing all of the various age groups. Our people are some of the most amazing folks in the world. And, that’s what makes them abnormal. They are abnormally loving, giving, and servant-minded, when compared to the world, and even when compared to many other churches.

What makes our people so different (normal and abnormal) can be narrowed down to one area – our relationship with Jesus Christ. As believers who are redeemed by the blood of Jesus, our lives have a new, distinct purpose – to glorify God. We are no longer meandering through life without direction or purpose. We are the Body of Christ whose goal and passion is to love God and love others. We are the Church of the One, True, Living God. And, we’d like to ask you to come join us!