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Pastor Shawn
Pastor ShawnStudent Pastor

Before being ordained and called to pastor at Alexander, Pastor Shawn was a member of Alexander. While he was still a member, he left to play college baseball in Florida for nearly 2 years. Baseball has always been one of Shawn’s greatest passions (it still is!). After those 2 years, he returned from Florida and accepted a job as our part-time Pastoral Associate. Nearly a year later, he was ordained and called as our full-time Student Pastor. Pastor Shawn received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Religion with a focus in Biblical and Theological Studies from Liberty University Online and is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity Degree in Theology from Liberty University Online. He is married to his wife Christian. He enjoys baseball, football, golf, reading, writing, coffee, Christmas, theology, and Tom Brady.

  • What is your favorite hymn? “And Can It Be?” or “He Will Hold Me Fast” or “Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery” or “His Mercy Is More”
  • Go to coffee order? A nice, smooth, black,  pour over or a festive latte/cappuccino
  • What is your favorite part of ministry? Preaching/teaching and planning
  • Favorite theology book? The Glory of Christ by John Owen… if that counts.
  • Most interesting class you took in college? History of Western Civilization or Greek I
  • Coolest place you’ve ever been? New York City
  • Favorite book in the Bible? 1 & 2 Timothy
  • Favorite instrument to hear? Whatever Hans Zimmer plays. And cello.
  • Favorite podcast? I cannot pick only one. So… the Spitballers, the Happyrant, the Fantasy Footballers, the Nateland, and the MacArthur Center. I love podcasts.
  • Favorite local food place? Plaza Azteca
  • Favorite sport to watch? NFL football (not college), MLB baseball (in October), and golf
  • Favorite sport to play? Baseball — not close.
  • If you could have any super power what would it be? I would want the ability to read, understand, and retain information just by glancing at it (super speed reading?). Or just super intelligence.