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Student Ministry

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Our student ministry is centered on and around God’s Word. We desire to cultivate a community of students (6th-12th grades) that is focused on exalting God in the world through the Word.


Our new series is titled, “Waze: Outsmarting LIFE, Together,” and it is all about gaining God’s wisdom through the book of Proverbs so that we can effectively navigate our lives .


On Sunday mornings at 11:30am (directly after the church’s main Sunday morning worship service), our students meet in small groups. These small groups are broken up into groups of girls and boys, so that the boys are with boys and girls are with girls. Currently, the girls meet as a single group consisting of girls who are 6th-12th grades, as do the boys with boys.

Each week on Sunday morning, the students are given a reading plan that goes along with what Bible book we are covering in the series we are going through. Currently—as stated above—our series is a journey through the book of Proverbs. Thus, our current reading plan is also based on reading through the book of Proverbs.

During the week (in order to participate in small group discussion in the Word), the students are expected and encouraged to work through the reading plan for that given week. On Sunday morning, we meet with our respective small groups to discuss what the Lord has been teaching us through what we have read in the reading plan for that week. It is a massively encouraging time to watch 6th-12th graders discuss and wrestle with what God is saying through His divine and powerful Word!


On Wednesday night, the students meet for our weekly worship service at 6:30pm. This is when we get to hear hang out, play some games, and hear a message from the Word of God based on the Bible book we are walking through.

In ABC Student Ministry, we are passionate about letting the Word do the work. In other words, we are passionately devoted to expository preaching (just as our lead pastor is!). We believe that if our teachers are faithful to explain God’s intended meaning for the Bible, He will be faithful to work in our hearts to change us for our good and His glory (2 Tim. 3:16-17). Thus, when students step into our student ministry services, we pray that they will notice one thing: That the Word is central in everything we do.